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March 11, 2011



WOW! Looks like a photo!! You truly have a gift for painting!! Got a cute pup that you can paint if you want to give that a try, LOL! Looking forward to see your next masterpiece.

holly abston

This is amazing, Donna! I even called brian over to show him and he said "Wow. That's a painting?" and I said yes and he said "Tell her that's awesome. I thought it was a photo.".

Anna Matthews

Me, too, I thought it was the photo and I was scrolling down to see the paining. Beautiful!

Jessica Canham

This is gorgeous, Donna! I thought it was a photo at first, too. The colors and the light reflections are amazing. I can totally relate to the scent thing! Glad I'm not alone.
I have some adorable kitties that would look great on canvas. ;) Actually, I think cats must be difficult to draw or paint because I rarely see any true-to-life ones.

jen duncan

I can't hardly believe this is a painting...especially by somewhat of a 'newbie'. I honestly had to click to enlarge before I realized I was looking at your work. So cool. Keep it up!

Eye care

I could swear it's a photo and not a painting, it's so perfect, the colors are so bright, absolutely gorgeous. Good work :D

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