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March 08, 2011


Natasha Burns

Donna your listings are FAB! OMG I love those watch faces, and if I wasn't in the midst of purging my own stuff (garage sale and online listings coming my way, ugh), I'd jump at them!
I hear you re the ratings. I only sold a couple of things last year on ebay. Nothing special, just some vintage linens etc. I didn't charge for the bubble wrap I paid for, or charge a handling fee. Yet my postage section is also not 5 stars and I wondered the same thing. i think what people who don't sell must think is - that they think the price of postage is high... which it is, but that is NOT our fault! We don't set the rates! lol, my rant is also over now :)


Lots of awesome goodies!! I am watching them all, although by the looks of your previous auctions, I may not be able to afford them, LOL! Looks like there is a big demand for your lovely things. I've been finally cleaning/purging/organizing my office too. It is taking FOREVER and is such a HUGE job (but long overdue).


Hi Donna,
I know wht u mean i usually only charge about half of what the shipping cost really are since i m afraid someone will send a shipping challenge to ebay. i luv all ur items and i have been outbid several times. ugg



Ive sold on, which is a bit different, and it's only media, which guarantees mail media rates...I know I would come out on the loosing end if I tried to sell something on eBay, because of the reasons you stated.

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