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November 16, 2010



Wow, she lives! I am delighted to hear you have found your passion and I cannot wait to see what you are working on. Maybe you can figure out a way to incorporate some of your wallpaper and ephemera in to your paintings.
Regarding your stamps, if you have any unmounted "patterns" or background things (heck, even mounted) I am interested in them for my clay work. Probably the best way to sell off the unmounted is in grab bags of lots but if you wanted to indicate that they were you could just photograph them next to an imprint on a piece of paper and then wrap it in the paper. I know, a lot of work. I wish I lived close enough to help you. HUGS!!!


I was thinking the same thing as Heather, I bet you could could combine your wallpaper with painting and make some amazing creations! As far as the other things currenly listed, I have a few in my watch list and will be keeping an eye out for more. Bummer for you to have to deal with, but big plusses for us who may be interested in some of your treasures!! I especially love the vintage Christmas items and the posies. I am so happy to see you are posting again and I look forward to seeing your new blog design and some of your latest creations!!! Hugs!

Laura Duet

Congratulations on picking a new road to explore! How exciting! I have been getting back into cross-stitch and my stamps have taken a back seat. I hope to get back to it at some point in the near future. I still cannot part with them. Your paintings are wonderful!!!!

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