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September 10, 2010


Anna Matthews

Well, I am totally impressed. I can't draw for anything and if I really wanted to learn, I'm really not sure that I would have the patience to do what you are doing. Thank you so much for being brave enough to share your process. I think many of us are just as interested in that as the final outcome, if not more so. Take care, hope to "see" you again soon.


I think they look great, especially for a novice. The likenesses are great!! Wow, I wish I could draw all the time but I never take the time to learn or practice...
miss you all

Robin Thomas

Donna, I have had you on my mind so strongly that I am not surprised to see a post from you. I am very glad you shared these drawings. I love them and love, love that you push yourself. I do hope you continue to post as part of your creative process. I really worked on my art journal from class and have tried many things I never thought I would, all thanks to your instruction and spirit. I hope you continue to share yourself with the world. Big hug, I dig you!

Dragonfly Reflections

I think your drawings are great! Like you, I struggle sometimes to show what I feel is 'less than wonderful' work, but I think it's just about practice - and putting our work "out there" only helps with the stretching that we all need so much.

I took your inchie class last spring and subscribed to your blog just after. I so loved your spirit in class and I just think all your work is beautiful. I hope you keep sharing yourself too!!



Donna I am so glad you are back on the blogging trail again! I asked Cindy not to long ago if she had heard from you! We would love for you to come teach again at the PC. I love the wall paper ornaments you made last year and wish you would teach a class with the glass glitter.
It looks like you are going in a different direction and you have done an amazing job!
Anyway I was so excited when I clicked onto your blog and it was updated.

Stacy Morgan

Oh boy do I have drawing envy! Your drawings are wonderful, and you should continue to share them.
Thank you for being brave and glad that you are back online.


Well howdy doody! She's finally back!!! I have missed you, Donna and think your drawings are wonderful. I love the way you just jump in there and go full boar. Not only do I love your artwork, but I love the way you write. It draws me in and keeps me interested, so keep up the good work. I see my inchies project and garland every day and think of you! Please teach another always come up with the the most amazing creations!


YAY! Glad to see you back updating. Your drawings are AMAZING!!! You are so very talented (but then I knew that already)!! Can't wait to see more!!


Welcome back.

Your drawing is very, very good. I think you do a great job with the painting.

I've been bad about not posting on my own blog lately.

Hope you will keep posting pictures of your drawings.

Tomorrow I WILL work on my art journal.:)

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