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May 26, 2010


karin@creativechaos ...LOVE them!! btw...I adore my gift tag you made for me....It's so beautiful! Now I neeed to get going on some projects with my new wallpaper. Maybe I'll just copy your cards and totally impress Carlos' teachers :)


I love these cards. I would appreciate receiving them if I were your son's teacher.

Shelley Overholt

They are awesome!!! They look like they would have taken forever! So what were the teachers reactions?

Hoping that you will teach another class soon with all your cool marker/pens!!! Miss ya ~ Shelley


Thats a super idea for gifts. Since I made my pact to NOT BUY cards, I have been using lots of handmade cards and they are largely well received. I never thought of actually giving collections of them. Duh. You are a genius.
Now I need to get some word stamps like your Thanks and Thank You Very Much stamps.. you rawk.. and I miss you!


Love your style! I wish I had your imagination.

Maija Lepore

They are stunning Donna!! I love everything you do!!!!

Anna Matthews

Wow, these are completely awesome. I love them!! Also, your elements totally rock - what a collection you have; so cool!

nicole austin

absolutely amazing! i'm sure your son's teacher was thrilled to receive these handmade beauties! and isn't it fun to look back on our past projects and see our style and abilities and tastes evolve? i know i've "thrown out" (given away) some of my earlier creations due to embarrassment, but it's a good reminder that we are always learning and growing as artists.


Love Love Love your cards Donna! You have been busy...............

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