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May 31, 2010


Shelley Overholt

Looks like so much fun!! Want to try it soon too!!! ~Shelley

Anna Matthews

Wow, I wish I could doodle like that. Although, I suppose if I actually practiced... Thanks for sharing that link to your photos on Flickr. I noticed the postcard made out to the gas company in Wyandanch, LI. That's about an hour from me here on Long Island. I wonder what it was like in '59 - unfortunately you'd want to drive through it quickly now, with your windows up and never at night!


Donna-Great idea with the paint chips. Your drawings are great. You need to teach another class at the PC. I finally broke down and bought ONLY a dozen copic markers. I will have to wait a while before I buy more. That is another reason you need to teach another I can use the markers.

nicole austin

i am drooling over those hand-drawn flower doodles! i love the paint chip cards, too!


I love those frame sketches.

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