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April 30, 2010


Anna Matthews

I am so glad to see you back. I think of you every time I use your wallpaper, and will be doing so again this weekend. Your work is beautiful, fun and inspiring and unique, which is why I hope you will continue!!

Robin Thomas

Your journal pages are so delicious they hurt me like butterscotch candy. I bought tubes of paint yesterday and thought of you. I have not had time to get to my Donna journal we started, but I have been working on it in my mind. You could really do a series of journal classes. I feel I only was able to barely hear the tip of that iceberg of knowledge about materials. You are awesome. Thank you many times and often.

Lori Compton

glad u starting posting again! I love your tutorials...the pipe cleaner one is my favorite!


Glad you are back. I've enjoyed reading your blog-even if there are lots of others to look at, I look at a lot of them.

I would love to take a journaling class.

Shelley Overholt

I hope you do get back with it!!! I love to here from you! I want Holly to jump back on too! I think she is a little preoccupied now! lol


Good for you Donna! You are so talented that you need to share it with the blog world. Keep it up, we all will read and look at whatever you post. We all had a great time in class. I have worked on my book. It is nothing like yours but I am learning. I want to experiment more with copic markers.

nicole austin

i hope you continue to blog! i am a new reader and i am always happy to stop by your corner of blog land! such beautiful art and other lovlies! i would love to see more of your art journaling! i am crazy about art journals these days. i used some of your gorgeous vintage flocked wallpaper to make matching journals for me and my daughter. i LOVE the flocked wallpaper. i can't seem to find it anywhere else but your shop! goodness knows i have enough but i will have to pick up some more now that they are half price. ;)


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