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November 20, 2009



i love project runway! i won't tell you who won :) it's actually one of my all time favorite shows, thankfully the new season starts in jan so it won't be too long! take care, susan


I just watched it last night. Did you know Carol Hannah has an Etsy site. Her dresses are phenomenal. I've learned so much from watching that show....and none relating to sewing. It's amazing to watch such incredibly talented people and their design process....


Did you enjoy the finale? I wasn't surprised at the winner, but all the collections were really great. xo, suzy

Pearl Maple

Fabulous collection of wall paper, so many pretty colours and patterns.


hey there missy :-)
watching project runway huh? well i wasnt surprised at the winner - once they showed the collections i knew she'd win. how the heck have you been? teaching?

Brenda Kula

Just stumbled on your blog from Karla Nathan's. I just wanted to say that I am from Norman. Raised two children there. My husband went to med school at OU. My girls now live in the Tulsa area. I live in East Texas. Small world, our little online Blogville, isn't it? I'll come back to visit!

Mitzi Curi

I am a happy recipient of some of your wallpapers, and I would like to give a customer testimonial: The flocked wallpapers are fabulous! I'm having so much fun with them. They are even better in real life than in your lovely pictures!


Wow you guys are from the Oklahoma area?! If you like the vintage look go to Ketch Wallpaper in OkC. they have a secret room full of vintage flocks and a ton of vintage wallpapers. You could get a ton of ideas from this place to do your books.

kate Harper

do you have scraps to buy? I didn't see them on your link


Are the scraps for sale? I need scraps! :)

Tracy O'Leary

Looking for vintage wallpaper scraps, but don't see them in the shop on Etsy. Can you please send me info on them? Thanks bunches.


Do you still have vintage wallpaper scraps looking for a new home? I am decorating the inside of my hen hutch and am looking for vintage wall paper scraps! Please let me know! Thanks!

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