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June 06, 2009


jen duncan

Did you hang the collage right by the key rack at the door? LOL. Sweet naive Donna, thinkin' they'll read and act on it. Kidding aside, I love it and it makes me want to play with collage again! And that cuff is fabric? It looks exactly like one of your wallpapers. When I first saw the picture I wondered, "How is anyone going to wear fragile old wallpaper?" Hmm. Cool!
We're going to see Up tonight. Can't beat a good Pixar movie! they're the only ones I buy. :-)

jen duncan

Hey! That cuff exactly matches the wallpaper pack label. So it IS wallpaper on the outside?!


Glad to see you posting again. Love the wonderful collage and the terrific message. Great use for all those letters. The fabric cuff is truly stunning. The details so lovely, the colors just beautiful. Your attention to detail is (as always) top-notch. We saw Up on Friday evening and LOVED it!! We adored the characters and the great message. It didn't hurt to have a cute bulldog too.


Hey Donna, I saw your collage quilt in Sew Somerst and was excited to see an Oklahoman get published! Congratulations, very exciting. I am happy to find you!

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