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May 12, 2009


jen duncan

Oh my gosh...he's almost exuding testosterone through his pores! Yeah, by the looks of things it's a good thing you DO roll with it. Luckily the boys are spaced so far apart. You might end up going through the moody crap for, oh...upwards of fifteen years straight! :-)

Elizabeth Holcombe

We have a 14 year old boy in our house too. He has decided that Hubby and me are completely lame and know absolutely NOTHING! He is also welded to his i-pod. :)~~~XXOO, Beth


he. is. beautiful!

....and I have 4 teens. I know how it is sister.

Annie Frazer

Chris is 28 going on 29 and I still see alot of this going on with him. I thought a boy would be easier than a girl but hmmmm, not the case, it is just different. Could totally see you as a rocker chick, not so much as a Goth. Seems we have the same taste in music. Rock on Miss Donna.


I have an 18 year old and I know of what you speakth. He's finally coming out of the whole teenage "thing" so believe me there is light at the end of the tunnel. BTW for what it's worth I'd be goth too.


When my daughter was miserable at 14 and in the ninth grade she wanted her hair dyed purple. I took her and had it professionally done so it was good and purple. My husband thought I was crazy and her catholic high school head mistress was VERY UNHAPPY. But you know what? It made my daughter very happy. I loved it, it was really, really purple. Then she went black, then white blonde, then red, now she's almost 22 and it's a different shade every month (just not as crazy as before). It still makes her happy to change the color. I wish I had been that brave.

Geralyn Gray

I just recv'd your atc and love it!!!!! I guess my timing was good for this post. I have 17 year old boy girl twins. Sometimes it is bumpy---how could it not be? They are musical and artistic and I love to see that. They have their times--who doesn't? But, I say the same thing I did when they were toddlers----It's a good thing you are cute. Your son is cute. One of my favorite surprises is enjoying concerts with them. My husband took my son to see Jethro Tull. The best is my son has no inhibition and went right up and asked for the set is framed----love it!!!!!!


Nice to meet you!! You sound like me. I think weird is fantastic. My daughter is like me as well, I guess I deserve it. But please don't tell me boys are as bad as girls. I thought that when my two oldest (girls) were done with hormones that I would be done. Everyone always told me that little boys were hard and teenage girls. I've got both right now. I was hoping I was going to get a break soon.
P.S. I think if you added the pink swatch to the dyed black hair that you'd have to call yourself "Scene". As far as I know, "Goth" don't wear any color but black. Hopefully I'm right and you can sound cool with your son.
P.P.S., I also think it's great that you let him be him. Most people get so worked up and try and control every thought and emotion their kids have. Sure, it's more work for us if their creative individuals but, who wants clones?
thanks for making me feel not so along. No thanks for making me worry about the boys getting older. LOL.


You are right on target! I have a 14yr old girl and a 17yr old boy...Im sure my hubby thanks his lucky stars that I am too young for menopause!!! hee! hee!

DeeDee Roe

Man oh man, this post cracked me up. I have 3 brothers (two are teens) and I so know the roller coaster. :) Love the wallpaper wall.

Sue McGettigan

LOL Donna, yes I have teens in the house (plenty of door slamming going on), and yes, I remember my own feelings and fluctuations as a teen, everything changes in a heartbeat!
Luke is so cute, I bet there are more than a few girls with MAJOR crushes on him right now :) My son is also 14, and he HATES it when I say that :) Cue eye roll ...


Oh Donna...this post made me laugh out loud! All I can say is, "Been there, done that!" Teenagers are quite an interesting breed, aren't they? My girlfriend and I refer to them as "the aliens" in the family. Fortunately those days are behind me, but I still get the occasional eye rolls. Guess that just comes as part of the generational gap, whatever the age. I think you are doing pretty well if you got your son to sit still and pose for that many pictures - in front of the wallpaper no less!

Cleaning Melbourne

He's handsome.. are you some kinda of a rock star?

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