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April 24, 2009



OMG!!! Your house really is the Meca of wallpaper!!! What a glorius stash!! Love the covered boxes and the wall is clever and unique, and totally perfect. Your stories are so great to read too!!

Cindy (Junque Art)

I am cleaning in my studio too. I started today. See how I'm procrastinating by being on the computer. Love all your wallpaper and the wall!!! So cool. The boxes turned out great! Happy Weekend!


Ummm....I'm hyperventilating., what a collection of wallpaper! I'd love to come play in your room! :)


WoWeeee those wallpaper rolls make me dizzy! You are stocked for life!! :-)


jen duncan

Ahhh. I'm glad you posted today--it brought me back over here to see that beauteous pink necklace in the previous post. :-)
What really makes that wallpaper collection so astonishing is when one considers how much of it you've sold off! Truly, an amazing amount you have amassed! The wall and other vignettes you've shared here are all lovely. You should have people come over once in a while so you can hear the oohs and aahs. :-D


So much to look at - what a collection, it really is amazing. And that wall, so many colors and patterns and yet it is so put together. You said it, beauty and history; that's what I can't get enough of!

Teresa McFayden

Fabulous! I'm glad to hear (and see) you finally did it!


Its so cool to see that wall finished. It only had a few pieces when I was there! It looks amazing!!
Love your covered boxes too and I agree that that is not the kind of project I'd enjoy.

Pearl Maple

Ok so we know that this is your business and all that pretty goodness is your stock to sell but oh we are all so enveyous of the size of depth of your collection.

Well done for finding all these lovely beautys just waiting for a new place to shine.


oh my gosh! so many wallpapers.. this is heaven and the wall is so beautiful! gosh if i need to do the same for my wall, I need lots of supplies from you..

have a good weekend Donna!

Elizabeth Holcombe

I think I just passed out! That collection is incredible!~~~XXOO, Beth

Jessica Canham

Wow, look at all that gorgeous wallpaper! Your patchwork wall is beautiful and very special. Thanks for sharing the story about your mom and dad. I guess it's true that opposites atract!

Nerissa Alford

I love the pictures of your studio & that wall paper wall behind the piano... heaven!
I enjoyed reading your stories as well. Thanks for sharing them. My parents are the opposite with the packratedness (I think I just made up that word)


Hi Donna,
What a lovely site you have! I don't think I've ever seen anythign like it... LOVE the wallpaper collection on display. Looks so great showing each piece in varying sizes and colors. I have the cute little paper pack from Kim's last event. Love it!

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.

kana conger

Such a pretty wall and I love the studio photos. I just got my order and am very happy with all of the flocked and various pieces of wallpaper. It is all great!!

Lisa Johnson

I am totally drooling over your wallpaper wall. I did a patchwork folding screen in vintage wallpaper and loved how it turned out, but a wall in a living room. You are bold and I love it! I think this may be the first time I've been here. I will definitely be back.



Wow beautiful papers. The white with the birds. The green with the flowers. Breathtaking. I used to live in a house that dated back to 1890. Whilst restoring I found beautiful papers covered with paisly fabric. I could've throttled somebody for covering it. She knows who she is. Sinner.

Honey Bend Vintage

That is a cool wall. Lovin all that wallpaper~


I absolutely love it. Love the green lamp shade against the wall. Great job!

Cerri Campbell

Hey Donna!
I haven't talked to you in a while, but I've been thinking of you!
Your wallpaper collection astounds me! Wow!
Love the wallpaper wall, so fabulous!
I've been cleaning and purging in my studio. I had to, it's been to the point I couldn't even begin to feel creative in there, or even find all of my inventory. LOL
I'm getting very close to finally being finished, but you're right, you have to keep with it or things start creeping back in.
Hope all is well!
xoxo, Cerri

Rose Brier Studio

I love the wallpaper wall. With all those patterns it would be hard to pick one, great idea! Spring cleaning seems to have hit a lot of us...only it's our studios and (sadly) not the rest of the house. I'm so delighted to have just discovered you blog. I look forward to returning!


omgoodness, i've got wallpaper envy!! that collection is amazing, the wall is beautiful!


I can't believe that you have THAT much wallpaper!!!! Crazy girl!!!



kelly henderson

You are a kill. I'm laughing away reading your post-- thanks, I've been way too serious and moody all week, time to lighten up :) Love the wallpapers, I can't believe what you have there, and how you find them? Amazing.

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