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  • In all object making, that aspect which relates to it's conceptual interpretation is art, that which relates the object to an intended purpose is design, and the quality of it's execution is craft. ~Hella Basu

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March 14, 2009


Annie Frazer

Those samples are so beautiful. I would love to do some ATC trades with you. I have been working on some too trying to find my muse. I think she is on vacation somewhere warm. Spring has yet to arrive here.


Honey Bend Vintage

I am so excited for spring to arrive. I need something to boost my creativity~


Those flowers are beautiful. I'm glad you saved them and I can't wait to see if you do put themin shadowboxes. I don't know why you of all people would compare yourself to are an amazing artist. The fact that you care about the materials you use and their history sets you apart. Just keep being you and cranking out your artwork.


those are gorgeous!

karla nathan

I have an ATC to make this week for someone, and I don't usually make ACTs, so am out of practice. Seems like it is better to make a bunch, not just one. I'd love to trade with you!

Beth Leintz

The millinery flowers are to die for- you have died and gone to vintage flower heaven.

Let's swap ATCs- I haven't done any in awhile- I'm more of a tag person, but I'll see what I can come up with.


To die for....xoxox Jennifergot my package ..thanks incredible lady!!


Can't wait to see all your new creations. I have new items to put up just takes FOREVER to get photos taken, edited, a write up and then posted.

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love it, wonderful.


I love my ATCs, I have a really nice collection- I think it's great that you're making some. I'm always up for a trade :)

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