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March 12, 2009



yay!you're back! i missed you :) i love that first brooch, it does make your smile! i'm off to check out my favorite shop!


Woohoo, Donna! How exciting to hear that you will be one of Kim's sponsors for her event! You know how I just Love, love, love your wallpaper! Missed you...welcome back! :)


WOOWEE I am LOVING the Springy brooches. So very adorable indeedie. Congrats on the sponsorship...very cool. Sewing thingie...perfection. Looking forward to seeing the hutch. Hope you enjoyed your little get back to work missy! hehehe


Donna, your brooches are so pretty:) i love the detail on the outside trim, that must have taken forever to do!!!


goodies you say?

jen duncan

I'm losing count of the clever ideas you imbued into that second brooch as I scroll way down here to leave a comment. It seems so long ago when you were buying the raw brass doo-dads where those leaves come from. What a super way to use them! (scrolling back up to look again...) the velvet ribbon--the way it just blends in as the background! And oh my goodness, the Swarovski circle as petals. Brilliant!!! Truly. You are just THAT good, aren't you?

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