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February 13, 2009


karla nathan

Donna, I know exactly what you mean!! I consider my self practical and calm and can handle about anything, am good in emergancies and don't freak out. But I got that same Email and squealed like a frightened baby!! Oh my gosh, when I was concentrating on the screen and that scary image popped out at me, I was out of my chair and shreiking!

But, when we were out on the lake in our boat and saw funnel clouds above us in the sky, I kept calm and got the family home safely.


your new brooches are lovely!

jen duncan

Yes, of course you could tat. If you were so inclined to tat.
You know I was just ribbin' ya. I'm pretty sure lack of control is a common fear for most people but it just feels so personal when it's one's own. My big issue is abandonment, and I hold it like it's as personal as my eye or hair color, but really; who WOULD want to be abandoned?! (excluding you at the end of summer vacation :-D )

Elizabeth Shea

I have been really enjoying your brooches. They are lovely. Keep it up.

Annie Frazer

Your brooches are amazing. You really do some fabulous work.

And never think that you are alone with these types of feelings. We all fear something. It would be interesting, you and I in a car fighting over who gets to drive. I also want to be the driver. Would make for an intersting ride don't you think. LOL.



Pretty good couch analysis there! LOL. LOVE your brooches.



It is funny you brought up The Blair Witch Project. I was so freaked out by that movie. Love the new brooches!

cathy nash

Whoever said you have nothing to fear but fear itself obviously never opened that email! It got me too several years ago.

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