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February 10, 2009



Hi Donna!
Oh my goodness I cannot believe how calm you were about the whole thing. I have never been in/though/around a tornado and I hope I never have the displeasure to be involved with one. I give you lots of credit for taking it so matter of fact. I know I could never be that calm.
Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

Jessica Canham

OMgoodness, Donna, I'm glad you're ok! I don't know what I'd do if I saw a tornado, but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to calmly sip a latte. lol! I hope the tornado didn't cause too much damage in your town.

Tina Wright

We just had ugly clouds here this afternoon, no exciting things like that going on and no Starbucks either here at the Shop Shack..


Holy shit Wilma. Was the Hobby Lobby you took me too? I am picturing the area where the Starbuck's was and stuff... OMG. I am so glad you are ok. See, THAT freaks me out.. but then I come from the land of earthquakes I have never been near a tornado.
Be safe!


I MUST clarify that YOU are indeed frightened by Blair Witch, the movie, which you watched between your hands. Why fictional movies cause you to abandon your home and live with us for three days out of mortification, and FUNNEL clouds descending upon you don't is beyond me.

Please listen to me next time you stubborn old mule!


I'm the same way. We should have been paramedics or something. Hope you enjoyed the latte and I'm glad you were Ok!


Oh WOW!!! I was wondering how close you might have been to the tornados. That is some scary stuff. Glad to know you weren't scared and you are safe. Now don't do that again!


That is CRAZY that you weren't scared. I could use a little of you in me:-) So glad you are safe. I am picturing you in the refrigerator just sipping on your latte. I am having a huge giveaway...come on over.

jen duncan

Yeah--I'm with Will. I first thought of me driving us down the freeways of Dallas/Ft Worth and you scrambling for the xanax.
I'm glad you're okay. It looks like it was fairly devastating.


Thank God for Starbucks...not only did you get your caffeine fix, but they saved your a** (lol). Wow, as a Southern CA gal, I've only been in one tornado in Kansas one summer and it scared the heck out of me...give me a good 'ol California earthquake anyday. Well, maybe not today, please! Glad you are safe!


at least you had your latte, i love the chai, it's my favorite! i'm glad you aren't afraid, that must be wonderful. i am enough for the both of us! stop by for a visit...i'm having a little giveaway :)

Maija Lepore

You crazy lady!!!!


Where are the photos?? :)
I'm glad it all worked out and how many of us can say we rode a tornado out in a Starbucks fridge? Glad you are okay!!

Anna Matthews

Wow! I know nothing about the geography of Oklahoma but I thought I remembered that you were near Oklahoma City - I'm glad you're ok. Cool headed, too, not me, I'd have been running for safe ground at the first warning.


WOW, I'm scared for you!

k jones

We need more like you in the trenches. I beat not only are you not a scaredy cat; but you call'em like you see them. No beating around the apple is an apple and so forth. But, glad you are okay and Hey, if you have to be in a storm; starbucks is a good place be.

Kim Caldwell

Good Lord girl, I take a break from blog reading and look at the trouble you get yourself into! It's all about control -- I totally get that!! Next time just click those red shoes! hee hee

Hugs, Kim

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