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February 24, 2009



Oooo and aaaaah; these are my favorites. Soooo pretty!


Oh Donna, I LOVE these! They
are so very pretty!! I can't wait
until you list some more. I hope
you are feeling much better.
Take care.


Failure to Launch. Noooo you don't want that either!!


Pretty and ever-so-yummy. I bet you scored a super cool lot of amazing pieces. Looking forward to seeing more lovely brooches and the new ideas you have brewing.

kelly henderson

Pretty, pretty Donna! I think your on a roll with brooches, I have been too for awhile. Have a happy day!


Wow! I don't think gorgeous really goes far enough. I am so in love with these. I can't decide which I like better. Breathtaking, literally.


Hey Donna! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love what you have done here. It reminded me of a brooch I saw on Antiques Roadshow the other night. Monday night. From Kansas, I think. This chick's hubby got her a brooch off ebay for a grand, at it was worth some ungodly amount. It had all this really intricate mosaic stuff. I will see if I can find a link on their site. I don't know much about brooches, but I knew you would like it!!


Oh my - these are gorgeous!! I am wearing mine (pink velvet ribbon, cameo) today - I love it!

Susan G


i love the one with the watch, so pretty!

i saw that movie it's quite funny! i hope my kids want to stay home for a long time! my three year old is pronouncing things correctly and i don't like it, so much cuter when they say it wrong.

Tina Wright

These are sweet!!Awesome work Donna!

lisa renea

As always your art rocks! Love the idea of the watch one. Uber cool. On a whole 'nutter note. (sorry, I had to say that-cause I know what a freak you are about grammer-LOLRITF) Hold on to every second with Luke. I swear to you, Donna, from the day Dakota enrolled in hs to the day he graduated seemed like a micro second. It goes by so fast. They get so busy with their life, it will seem like a blur. It's fascinating to watch them grow into young men. Oh, yea. I'm a sentimental fool, but you know that. BTW, I still can't stop drooling over my paper, I'm skeered to cut it! xo lr ps. your felted necklace is cute, just like you!

Barbara Jean

These broaches area absolutely gorgeous. Each time i see one i think i love the most, there is another one i love!!! (the Victorian jewelry, the tatting and watch...)
Oh, and I love wool felting and also wondered if i could do it. Alas, enough irons in the fire right now with the new store i opened in May.

I'll be back.

Barbara Jean

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