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November 20, 2008



They are great scarves! The first picture is adorable. The second may end up at a post office :)

Beth Leintz

That is WAY cool- and how handy to have cheesecloth around your neck in case you need to whip up a bouquet garni or drain some yogurt.

I also think that all photographers should vintage wallpaper as a background choice. Can you imagine how pretty senior pictures would be?

Cindy (Junque Art)

Love it as a scarf!!! Hehehe the second photo made me laugh!


Those look even better as scarves than as table decorations. :) I loved getting to meet you. I still can't believe you knocked out so more product before evndor night even started.


I love this idea! I'm totally doing this!


The scarf looks amazing and you look beautiful! I have to go read your post about Silver Bella. I finally cut into that white flocked paper, it's gorgeous!


I think you're starting a new fad! Who needs to knit when you can just wear fabulously dyed cheesecloth as 2009's hottest style!
I would so wear this. Really.


hee hee:) love the mug shot:) that cheesecloth looks way cool...i have only dyed it brown so far, i love it in green and pink!!!


oh I SO have to try that! Your pictures are fabulous! AND that backdrop! I always feel like a dork taking my own picture.....but not so much when someone else does it......

Kimla Cotropia

Oh, you are so silly! You look beautiful and the cheesecloth scarf is pretty cool too.


all that preppy green and pink - how christmassy! (is that a word? perhaps along the order of whiffenpoof... hmmm)
your eyes are a most gorgeous blue sweetie. and you're lookin real mommy scarey in that second pic (like 'jackson... get down from there!')...... oooh you're so scarey! not... ;-)


Mildred...mildred...mildred I could totally see the 2nd picture IF someone else were taking the picture. But, YOU were taking YOUR own photo, it's a classic. I'm printing it off so when people ask who you are I can show them the billboard on 51st and Sheridan and say, "that's her right there."


I am really lovin' the first picture. They make great scarves!

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