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November 22, 2008


Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Darn! By the time I got over there they were gone! I'd love to meet all those girls and more! I've had the pleasure of meeting Karla several times here in Virginia and she is the real deal. I love hanging out with her! Hope to meet you next year Donna!

lisa baggett

I just bought some of your wonderful wall paper. I had looked at it previously and then happened to go into a scrapbook store and saw a employee with it. I was automatically sold. Wish I could have met you at Silver Bella

karla nathan

Thanks for the kind words! And you described those girls perfectly! I have been telling everyone how Natasha lights up a room, and Heather is such a kind soul, and Andrea is really classy.

Your pretty cool to be around too!

Natasha Burns

Thanks for the sweet words dear! You're too kind to me, but you are spot on with the other girls. You were fab to meet too, I remember going to your table a few times looking for you then looking up saying "where on earth is Donna?" and there you were! xoxo

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