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November 19, 2008



I don't know where to start...all the pictures are wonderful! I SOOOO wanted to go.....I hope next year! I think the big emotional event you had was in part because it was prepared and thought and planned and then BAM! Kind of like a wedding, or Christmas. I'm sorry you felt so alone! I heard other vendors saying the same things! Maybe you could host the "Silver Bella Vendor Weekend" where you all hang out during the day while the "girls are crafting"! So happy to see the pics though...we've all been waiting! And of course you know you have sooo many friends! You need to watch the Lucy episode where she is singing "friendship" with Ethyl!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Thanks for sharing!!! Your booth looks great! And love that cheesecloth! Awww so sorry you were by yourself!


Glad the vendor night went so well. Your table looks really pretty. Always hard to be alone after a big fun time like that. Glad you are home and met new friends. Sounds like a great place to have visited.


It was so AWESOME to finally meet you! Your booth was adorable and I truly enjoyed chatting with you! Oh my goodness....I want to give you a big HUG after I read about your Saturday afternoon. I should have taken you back with me to the luncheon when I saw you in the business center...we could have been sneaky and gotten you in! If you ever decide to come out to Southern CA to visit your brother, PLEASE let me know so that we can meet up! Take Care and hope to see you real soon!


sounds like a wonderful sperience Lucy.... well except that you got all verklempt.... I was reading along and before you said it I was nodding and saying "friends of the friendless yes we are yes we are" LOL... LOVED that one!
gee .. now you're back and can get to work on Holiday shtuff!
glad you're back sweetie pie... now take a little break k?


WOW!! What an experience!! I just know one of these days I have to attend. I heard you met Maija too. I think just getting to meet and chat with so many wonderful people would be the coolest thing!! Glad you got a chance to visit and purchase some things. I would love to meet Elizabeth Shea. I am in awe of her amazing creations. Thanks for the link to my work. BTW, I have been updating my Flickr gallery (I upgraded to pro), so you must check it out again. Hope you will get a chance to visit with your brother soon. HUGS!! p.s. Did you get to meet Mary Engelbreit?


AWWWWW...delicious. Can I say that about the idea of spending a whole weekend crafting with other amazing women. I am completely jealous!!!


Oh I have soooo njoyed your recap of Silver Bella and your purchases and all the comments and links, but am so sorry you got sad. I've never been to Silver Bella yet, but if I do, I'll be coming alone too, and I've wondered how that might be. I'll just be sure to take all the classes. The comment you made 'it's good to stop long enough to feel things deeply every once in a while' was actually was very profound. I like the way you put that. It sounded like something I might say. LOL

And funny you should mention that Lucy episode 'Friends of the Friendless, because I just recently saw it on TV. It cracked me up.

Thanks for sharing!! Hugs, LindaSonia.

Kim Caldwell

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments about the totes. You are such a sweetie and after all my ordering online it was wonderful to finally have a "person" to put with all your amazing products. You are the Queen of Flocked Wall Paper and pretty dang wonderful too!

Hugs, Kim

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