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November 01, 2008


Cindy (Junque Art)

I love your sneak peek of your kits!!! Sorry your are having puter problems. Speaking from experience I would do a backup of all things important!


Typepad gave me troubles tonight too! everything flashed and froze......
the kit looks amazing! AND I soooo wish I was going to Silver Bella!

Elizabeth Parsons

glad you enjoyed my vintage vinette...

I wish I knew more about SilverBella- what is it? and your kit looks devine...

I am an Oakie/Okey/Okie (spelling?) who was born in Oklahoma!
eBeth -


I'm intrigued by the sneak peek. Love what you did with the crowns and thank you for sharing the post on time with those we love. love your picture up there in the corner too. :)


i am loving your peeks Donna:) wallpaper AND glitter, does it get any better!!! i think you went a little overboard with the "unsurpassed" descriptor...but i am tickled just the same...thanks!!!

i am SO sorry about your 'puter issues...i have them ALL the time and i know how frustrating that is...


There are a lot of viruses around right now, I would get spy bot or something like that and try and clean the computer up RIGHT NOW while it will still turn on. When I got a virus and that turn off problem started, I could no longer even get the damn thing to turn on to rrun the virus thingy. Do not delay! LOL

karla nathan

I really look forward to seeing your kits! (and to meeting you!)


I STILL cannot add buttons to my side bar. It is very frustrating indeed. I always have to get Heather to do it for me.


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