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October 12, 2008


Beth Leintz

I recognize some of the papers from your beading cart- I used them, too, before I found vintage wallpaper- I agree- scrapbook paper can be pretty- but there's nothing like old wallpaper.


Great post, Donna! I love the story about your dad, he sounds like an amazing man. I'm not a history buff, per se, but I love the stories. My fave books are by Laura Ingalls Wilder and historical fiction.
Your bead cart looks amazing and I love the shallow drawers. They are perfect!


Too bad you did not make this into a would sell out pronto! I look forward to seeing what your Christmas will be...amazing I am sure. Love the cool wall and your bead creative and fun. I too have a great appreciation for vintage items, but I think my thing is photos...although you and Pam had certainly gotten me interested in wallpaper.


i love that you love the oldness in things. so often the past is not appreciated. i too love the history of what came before us. all but one of my grandparents have passed and i wish i'd paid more attention to my grandmothers when they were making dinner or crocheting. i miss them. i take the kids to visit them and my sister, my angel. so they will appreciate what came before them. thanks for sharing your heartfelt story. i love the cart covered in papers! it's beautiful, i'd love to see what's inside :)


Great post! And I love the "well-loved" vintage items. I think it's the strange, almost tangible connection to the past-- that someone from some distant time sat on, or read, or looked at, or simply enjoyed the same things that I enjoy now.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Love the Halloween crafting. The picture of your son made me laugh outloud.

I had a crafting ephiphany. I have been making a few Halloween things amongst other items ~you mentioned you liked a bracelet~ let me know and we could do a swap of fun things.

Tammy Sprinkle

I love the cart you didand the pretty trays it houses. You are so brave to do this to an entire living room wall. WOW! Do you plan to be there for a long time? I can't wait to see the finished project. ;D Tammy


ooh!! cute post!! I am in love with your bead cart!! I hope you have a great weekend!! hugs!! Britt :-)


We have a lot in common! I love anything old and loved!! I can't take my eyes off of your art cart! Wow! :)Mendy

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

I LOVE everything old too... that is why I like you so much. ;) We are oldies!! hahah

Hey I love your patchwork wallpaper wall... I bet it looks so pretty with the sun shining in on it... and that cart is just adorble with the drawers that pull out.

xoxo Heather


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jen duncan

It was fun seeing this cart again. Believe it or's only been just over 2.5 years since I bought it when I was out there for your birthday. Seems longer, huh? It's a great piece, and I really do like it as is.

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