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October 20, 2008



LOL - I have some of these and have been debating about "altering/updating" them. For me, the choice was to do that or leave as is - I had NO idea there are putz restorationists. Sigh...that just gives me another option/excuse for pakcing them back away also. :)


Beth Leintz

And I thought I was odd because I order PBS American Experience documentaries instead of movies from Netflix...I think its great that you actually read Supreme Court documents.

As far as restoring Putz houses or any other in depth project, imagine how boring our lives would be if we didn't have more ideas than time.

Yvette Adams

I don't consider you weird because by doing that I would have to consider myself weird and I would never do that!!! LOL I consider myself a serious collector and honestly I would leave the houses as is... If I really wanted to, I would start from scratch and design my own "Putz" houses... You sound so fun and sound like you need your "own" collection of houses!


I've been finding a few of these here and there too. I can't alter them.....just because they wouldn't be authentic anymore. I thought I was the only one.....I have a WONDERFUL HUGE frame of my husbands's carved wood, oval glass, I SO want to paint it white but I feel like it's s sacrilegious or something. But guess what? It's stuffed in a closet because I do not like the gold color that it is now... How much sense does that make?


I have a ton of these and I'm right there with you....I can't alter them. The ones that are a bit "worn" are really my favorites...they've been used and loved!
Dana in VA


LOL. I'm not sure I could alter them either. I have several things like this too, that come out for assessment, and then go back into the closet.

Kimla Cotropia

Donna, Oh my goodness, girl...thank you so much. I received your lovely gift and was just tickled pink. The painting is so precious. I love the colors and well, the whole thing will just be a terrific reminder of the wonderful days of babyhood. You are a sweetheart and I wish I could give you a hug in person. One day. xoxo kimla


You are so talented you can make your own. I wouldn't alter them they have a story all on there own~

karla nathan

My theroy on altering old things, is just to go for it. Have fun, do what you will to them to make you love them even more. I horrify people when I mess with vintage collectables, but it gives me joy and I like them better when I am done!!


I'm so with you on this. It's really hard to decide,eh? And so, I end up deciding not to decide. Paralysis of analysis. Oy.


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