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October 02, 2008



LOL Donna!! This was a great post...all the flaws we see in ourselves and how difficult it is to get a good portrait of ourselves...I go through this too -- and find I'm really surprised when one turns out just the way I "think" I look. Whenever I ask my youngest son to do the honours I get what you go from your son!

However, let me say this -- you are really beautiful and each photograph is great!!


You look absolutely great!
Your blue eyes and blonde hair make you a natural beauty.I know the surprise of seeing a photo and forgeting we aren't still 30!
Don't even worry till you get to fiftysomething!


donna you are beautiful! and your hair looks great!


I'm the same way when I'm trying to shots of myself! Cameras make me so uncomfortable. That's why I haven't changed my profile pic in so long. Your hair looks gorgeous and you have the prettiest blue eyes. I'm so jealous!


forgot....i love your wallpaper backround that is so cool! hope all is well.

Cindy (Junque Art)

LOL oh my gosh Donna you have me rolling. You are so funny! You look wonderful, silly. You have the most beautiful blue eyes and I love your hair color! I always love to my hair done too..something to do with covering up my ever increasing gray! Love that wall behind you! Can you come do one for me?


I am laughing out loud. I so understand the process. You look pretty in all of them. I like the one you used on the sidebar best though. the one your son took is great, if he could get you in focus!

Wish my eyes were sparkling blue like those!


you look beautiful


lol lol lol lol lol...GF, you crack me up!!! I tried the self portrait thing and it just did not work well at all. OMG, my wrinkles were exceptionally disturbing. Believe me, you look mighty I don't want to hear any more pissin and moanin about goin under the knife. BTW, did you know they now advertise something called smart lipo that is done quickly without a knife? I am pondering that one...but I would probably rather spend my limited funds on Ebay (wink wink). Oh, and that wall is DIVINE!!! (yes worth every one of the three exclamation points I used and more).


You are too funny! You look great honey, wait till you're 58 like me!!! I can't stand to have a picture taken now and I use to be cute (when you get older you can say these things). Quick lipo?? I'm all for it!!! Saving my penneys.

kelly henderson

You are beautiful, you silly girl you!! It's just the camera that's all-- I've noticed mine not working properly since I hit 40-- three years ago...oh, well. How much do those "soft photo lenses" cost?
Have a great weekend


You silly pretty girl. You look fabulous!! I feel your pain though on trying to take a decent self portrait. So, I vote when you come to Silver Bella and beg Kim Kwan to take a portrait for you!! :) I'm going to!

Joanna {sweet finds}

Your hair looks great. I like the first pic & the close up (#5). it's not that scary! LOL Just kidding. You're very pretty. I think the new hair color lightens up your face & your eyes ar just glowing. xoxo, Joanna

karla nathan

I have the same problem. The pictures never look like the 'me' I see. The same thing happens with clothes. I tried on all sorts of prom dresses for Silver Bella thinking they should fit, forgetting that I left my waist way back in my past.

by the way, you really do look lovely! shiny hair and pretty eyes, that is a good photo.


You are beautiful and have the most lovely blue eyes. Move the flowers out of the way, you have lovely features and don't sweat the small stuff! :)

Boxwood Cottage

Not only you are funny and a real sweet heart Donna, but you look gorgeous too. I especially like the first photo and the close up. You have such radiant blue eyes!
Warmest wishes from Germany sends you Carola xox


Donna, LOL! Now you see why I do the kissy face or eyes's the only way! LOL. And I think all your pics are gorgeous!



Well personally I think you look gorgeous. I hate having my picture taken and always think I look like stink weed. The color job looks great.


Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

What a great post, and I can so identify. I have found if I take 600 pictures, I can usually find one that is halfway decent, reduce it to its smallest size, and then make it black and white, and it's sort of okay. Sort of.

Your pictures are great and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here.


I have never tried to take a picture of myself. I don't know if I could. I have really short arms! LOL!
Donna, you are a very lovely lady and you don't need fake flowers to make you look any prettier than you already are.
I love the blue colour of your eyes. It reminds me of the ocean in Barbados.
Thanks for sharing and have a great week.


Donna~ Your self portrait sessionis cracking me up. I love the wall in the back is that wallpaper. So awesome

jenny holiday

Ok...totally tooo darn pretty!!! Such a doll!!!! I'm printing a pic to hang on my inspiration wall! :)

luv ya!!

xoxo Jenny


You're Beautiful, Donna. Period :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn

I only see a woman with beautiful blue eyes.

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