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October 30, 2008



What a beautiful post about a topic near and dear to me also. Loving that generation so much is part of why I went back to school to become a nurse...not only does it allow me to give back a little to them, but I get to chit-chat and hear their wonderful stories and always feel I take away more than I could possibly give them... which pretty much sums up that generation, doesn't it? Thanks for a lovely read!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Big Hugs and what a wonderful post! Totally understand. I think of my wonderful Grandparents everyday who always shared stories of the past with us. I cherish their stories.

Sue McG

I too love to hear family histories repeated, especially in front of younger generations, it's so important!! I love the fact you treasure your mother's memory so dearly Donna, I believe that type of love and care is transmitted to those who have passed.


a long long time ago, when I first saw your first thought was "WWII" I guess it was the black and white pictures in the header. My mom and her siblings were/are part of the Greatest Generation and I love hearing her stories from long ago...what she was doing when Pearl Harbor was her brothers went to fight for our country....I felt an instant attraction to your I know why.


Wow, I can't believe how similar your family and mine are, except that my Dad is gone too. When he was alive, his wife controlled the conversation so that there was never any reference to a past that didn't include her. And I have a brother too.

Anyway, I totally understand :)

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