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September 16, 2008



Cool stuff. Looking really awesome!


LOVE those frames. I love junk like that in the TDS. One of my favorite places.

Been meaning to ask ya...wha happened to your kissy face pic?



ohhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhh love love love your ebay find! Great job

casa bella chic

Kana from Tokyo

Hi Donna, those frames are really beautiful! the red shelf is lovely too. I love your decor usage, especially that of red colors. By the way, I have not yet sent to you the photo how I used the wallpapers I purchased from you. I'm so sorry... my room is too hot and high humidity during summer, I could not use the wallpapers. However, autumn is coming now. I want to make something, like you. I have to go shopping for beautifying my room! And my room will be more disaster... oh no. You are not only artistic, and a good hard worker. I am jealous of your family =)


Hi Donna!
You are a very crafty person.
I mean that in a good way!
What a totally brilliant idea of how to use the rotating display rack. That is so cool!
I love your other decorating ideas too.
As for the snake with the pointy things it reminded me that I did that once with my son when he was just a little guy. He would have been 4 or 5 at the time he made this clay thing.(he's in his 30's now) I waited for a year or so before I asked him what exactly it was and when I did ask he couldn't remember what it was suppose to have been. LOL! :)
Donna, as always, thanks for sharing with all of us. I really enjoy your blog.
Have a great week!


I love seeing all the new projects because I know just where they all are in your home now. Its cool to see them all coming together. I hope I can visit again and see it all in place. Miss you!


You have some really unique ideas here -- very fun, whimsical and eclectic! Thanks for sharing your ideas -- the domino box is genius and proves you can do something with anything!

Anna Matthews

Wow - love it all. I love the way you've used the display rack, such a unique idea. And thanks for sharing the drawer; I picked one up while "garbage-picking" a few months ago, I had no idea what I would do with it, but I knew I liked it, so I took it, but its been sitting in the basement ever since.

Alissa Millsap

what a great find on ebay, love how you used it as a photo display! great photo frames.


You are a decorating genius! I love the aqua and red together. Thanks for sharing. Kara

Pearl Maple

The book stand photo display is very creative and fun. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration.

The new wall paper packs are pretty cool, bet they will sell well.

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