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September 25, 2008


Jan Ely

This is beautiful! Can't wait for tomorrow! Sometimes, I confess, I check it so early in the morning that it hasn't even been posted yet! Thanks Donna!


Wow, Donna, this is gorgeous! I love it. The black and white scheme is so chic...Halloween chic!

kelly henderson

Congrats on that one! The spooky sign is ghoulishly gorgeous ;-)
Sleep tight.

Cindy (Junque Art)

I love this! Can't wait to work on it!


Big Congrats to you (and so well deserved). What a terrific project! Guess I should have signed up for the e-zine. I just never feel like I will have the time to create all the fun projects. Can't wait to hear all your other news.


Such a great tutorial. Your projected rocked the Bellaween e-zine. Awesome, Donna!!!


That was a wonderful tutorial Donna and thanks for all the tips and tricks along the way!


Well no surprise to me! Those signs are so gorgeous! Love them!!!

Anna Matthews

Great project and you did a great job!! And I agree, I'm not surprised either, but so happy for you!


how cool. They are pretty great. I didn't sign up for the zine, so didn't get to see the tutorial, but imagine it is quite good. I'll take the word of the great artists who posted before me...

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