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August 24, 2008


m i c h e l l e

Oh my. This post makes me very happy. Red and aqua, drawers, doll parts, got it ALL goin' on! Gorgeous gorgeous stuff! :-)

Sue McG

Wow Donna, all most cool but I have to confess I feel obsessive about those drawers, they are FABULOUS!!


I miss you guys....

Alison Gibbs

Oh what wonderful things you found!
Was Brian dreaming when he 'thought he had a manly grip on the house'!!!LOl


Love all your great finds! You really had a terrific haul. The doll parts are incredible. How about making some of the cool wood blocks with doll parts attached a la Lisa Kaus ( I know whatever you do will be terrific. Love that library card catalog box you got too. I think they are uber cool and so great for storage. Oh, and the locker bin...awesome! Can't wait to see some of that fun black glitter on your collages. Yummy!!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Love that little desk. Too cute! And love all of your other finds! The dolls are cool and the drawer storage is great! Hey where did you get the black glitter?


Awesome finds, especially the drawers; I feel the same way about storage. Men & kids - they say the darndest things - lol.


Love the desk! It's funny, I always think that I won't mind if the kids actually "using" the cool stuff, until it gets glitter glue and permanent ink stamped on it! lol, at least the stickers peel off! Oh, I'm seeing some fun jewelry with the doll parts. Have fun, whatever you do!


Hi Donna - I love that suitcase full of doll parts you found. And the desk is great too. My DH lost his manly grip on this house ages ago. He just rolls with the punches though - what a sweetheart he is!


Jackson is such a cute boy--his room will look great when you get it done.

Julie B.

Donna, love all the storage bins, baskets and boxes with glittery goodness in them! Fab desk; love the primitiveness of it! If you want an idea of what to do with some of the dolls parts, go over to DeDe Warren's blog at! She took a class with Diana Frey and that women's jewelry is just fun, fun, fun!

Nathalie Thompson

You could DEFINITELY sell the doll parts. Nina Bagley has made sure of that! And I happen to be having a glitter giveaway right now to celebrate my 1st year blogger anniversary. You need to stop by! BTW, your storage drawers are fabulous- I would have bought them, if you hadn't!


Fun stuff! That funny faced doll looks kind of like Liza Minelli---
Love the drawers! I want some of those too


Ooohhh, I love the storage bins and those drawers. I'm sure you could sell those doll parts- I see big etsy sales in your future! ;)

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