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August 11, 2008



I love the needle with the spools. Great idea!


Did you look in the drawer with all the clear baggies? I think maybe the labee packs were in one of those.
When are you going to list my wallpaper packs??!! Huh??!! Hurry!


Sounds like me. I am forever loosing things. Especially my favorite pair of scissors. That is why I have 2 or 3 pairs of them. Looks like you scored big at the flea...those ribbons are yummy and I look forward to seeing all the pretty things you will be making with them. Cute photo of you too!!! Thanks again for the package you sent...I am excited to start creating with it.


Great ribbons. Cute picture despite what YOU think.... Good luck on finding things--I am SOOO there.


I always tend to "lose" things when I organize. I'll either forget where I put it or forget that the thing exists at all! Sometimes it's better to just let it all pile up. ;)


Well, I personally think you look adorable. (and did you know when you click on that photo it is no longer small?) :0)
I also do not think you look 46 at all.
Hmm, I hope you find the label packs soon. I'm intrigued. I love old labels.
~Cerri xo

Melissa Lobdell

Look at you, cutie pie! I'm trying to find the reason for the crop and can't... Sorry! Love all the photos! xo-Mel

Sue McG

First off D your pic is so cute! Secondly, those photo mailers look like EXACTLY what I've been searching for to store my UM stamps - give it up GF, where do I find them?? Third, and saving the best for last - I am famous for searching for items I have in my hand/on my head/behind my ear (think keys, sunglasses, pen, etc.) - I'm so grateful to know I'm not the only one who does this :)

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