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August 06, 2008



i love what Heather did, collaging your caddy and boxes...very CUTE!!! she even did mitered corners, love those!!!
have lots of fun with Holly...


WOW--oh please send Heather to my house next, okay?? :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the caddy thing and was pretty impressed at your brandy snifter water glass/paint brush thing too.

Beth Leintz

I'm was thinking the same as Jill- send Heather to my house next- she could have a whole new job as traveling craft master finisher!

Glad you guys are having fun- don't spend too much time in front of the mirror.

Beth Leintz

I'm thinking the same thing as Jill-send Heather to my house next. She could have a whole new career as a traveling craft master finisher.

Its great to hear about how much fun you blogging friends are having!

michelle cummings

isn't it great to fun friends that are crafty like your self?


It is fun when somebody "gets" you and your style. I could really organize with those boxes. Come for a visit.


I love it!! Have fun with Holly!!!


You and Holly live close enough to visit!!! and get into trouble! (i.e. making things....artistic Lucy and Ethel come to mind :)
I think my mind is going in this direction because of this post :)
When I have company my plan is ... the later you feed them the more they LOVE your food! the other is "Lets dine out!" :)))
I hope your day was absolutely wonderful!!!!
With Kindness,

Pearl Maple

Oh too funny to see a drink sitting there in the work caddy, we need to keep refreshed while working don't we.


Great stuff. How neat to have some "new" things to use. Love reading about the adventures.


Hi Donna! Don't spend too much time in the mirror, you crack me up! Glad you are having such fun!


Heather does great work! Hey I love that brandy snifter you use for your brush water. Great idea! Bet the house seems empty now that Heather and Hannah are gone.

Jennifer Paganellli

love to see all your beauty that surrounds you....what a breath of fresh air...I love how you put your signature on everything you touch...Jennifer

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