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August 03, 2008


Cindy (Junque Art)

Looks like you gals are having a great time!!! Love that ledger!


ohmygosh....I love it..."your anal nature cringed"...Would'nt that make a great tee? LOL. May have to steal that. And you dogs, having so much fun...are'nt they cute? And yeah, still visulizing the 18 yr old self...I hear ya. LOL. Packets look great btw.


I know what you mean about visualizing yourself younger...I am often shocked when I look in the mirror and I look like I do--not like I am in my mind. COOOL stove. Sounds like you had lots of fun!


super cool stove! Looks like you had lots of fun in your newly decorated place! I sooo know what you mean on visualizing yourself younger. I am often surprised when I see myself in the mirror, because that is not what I look like in my head!


Donna, you always crack me up! I love how you cropped yourself out of the picture....I do the same thing all the time! I hate having my picture taken cause I never seem to look the way I THINK I look. What's up with that?
Y'all have fun!

Natasha Burns

LOL you are funny, hope you let the wallpapers stay mixed up, hee hee!!
Great shot of the girls, you crack me up that you cut yourself out of it! Have they noticed yet? What fun you girls are having!!!

Sadie Lou

Look at you guys!! How fun! I think that's a riot you cropped yourself out of the picture--they will lynch you for sure!
~Sadie Lou

Karin@creativechaos kill me! I can't believe you cropped yourself out...wait a minute, yes I do. I still visualize myself at 25...although the gray in my hair begs to differ...


Hey Donna, looks like you all are having a great time and I'm so glad!
We're still on vacation,but I needed just a bit of computer time it was killing me. :0)
Hope the rest of your visit is just as fun!
~Cerri xo

Holly Abston

I CANNOT believe YOU! Yeah, that's fair.... My hair is wind-blown and stringy, my makeup worn off from the day. LOL... ha ha... I shoulda known. Turkey.


Hi Donna! I had to write you a comment after I saw that cash book of yours. I have almost the same exact one! Mine says "Double Entry Ledger" instead of Cash Book and it's what I use it to keep track of my sales! It works great! :)

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