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August 14, 2008



Ohhhhh, jealous of the lab glassware.

Those things on the top? Curtain clips! I have a ton of them, they don't work particularly well in that style though.

karla nathan

I see someone already mentioned those are curtain clips. Yes, they have tons of potential!

That sounds like a TON of glitter too, it would be lovely to see a jug full!


Are those clips on the ends? I think these would make great mini photo "hangers". You could place several along a rod and hang photos, art work, etc.! Where did you find them? I want some!


OOh curtain clips!! I see Kelly has great ideas for art for them!! You could probably sell some on Etsy with MY WALLPAPER PACKS!!!

Yay for Brian for finding such cool treasures. The glassware rocks!!

Penny-Elizabeth Neil

oooh you lucky ducky! I've been trying to get a hold of lab glass for ages!

And don't worry yourself on Glitter tangents- they're mighty fine with me. ;) Thanks for the tip- what does the pink tarnish too, a dirty pink or a faded pink? I'm wanting some glass glitter and the quicker it tarnishes, the better! :D


Love the curtain hooks...I actually have them all over my house for the easy peasy curtains I made. Great bottles too! I was looking at that lazy susan thingy that you made a while back, wonder what I can find around here for the flat piece on wheels? I'd love to create something fun like that for my desk at school. :)mendy


What great finds. That bottle would look great with glitter in it~

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Hey Donna... love your bottles and oh wouldn't that be SO lovely to have the whole jug filled with glitter! yum!!!

Loved hearing about your visit with Heather and Holly... and by the way... you are a gorgoeus girl.. glad you shared your photo!

xo Heather

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