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August 21, 2008



Hey there, stranger! Things over here are looking divine as usual! Love how you present everything. I have an Aunt that would love you! Her style reminds me of yours every time I see your photos! Miss you! Kerilou


Love that pink bookcase. How cool about your grandmother. My grandmother had a workshop, it is now the bunk house at our family cottage. I used to lov eto go out there. She used pastels, I have the most beautiful orchid she drew. I have some great wood box purses she painted.


Wow, you have been making good use of your time. Everything looks great. I knew you couldn't keep that cute little shelf unit for DVDs and tapes!
Miss you, love you..


Cindy (Junque Art)

You have been a very busy girl! Love the red and aqua! I have so been wanting to put a screen door on my pantry, but my pantry is pitiful looking inside so maybe not!


Thanks for all the little peeks. I love how you have all your flowers pretty and easy to see. Unlike my office where I am currently trying to remember where I put something. Keep the photos coming.


p.s. Your grandmother sounds super cool!

karla nathan

I had admired that piece of art when I saw it on Lori's blog! She does such delicate and dainty work. It is every bit as lovely as she is in person.

And wow! Long lost ribbons and flowers!! What a fun thing to find in a cannister. Although, I love finding cookies too.


Canisters full of cookies or ribbon would be fine by me! I love the green walls and all of your accent colors that you use in decorating, what a wonderful eye you have. Keep the inspiration coming!

Sadie Lou

Oh my! Look at all those baubles, trinkets and lovelies!
Wonderful eye candy!!


Oh wow, you had me literally drooling at all that awesome goodness!! Lucky finds, love the cage and those drawers filled look fabulous :)

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