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July 05, 2008


Beth Leintz

You're organization is taking my breath away!
I want to see some of those "hoard forever" rolls!


Whoa, that's an impressive wallpaper stash! You must feel so satisfied to see it all in one place, all organized. And I love your idea of labeling the rolls after friends! This IS how our brains work sometimes, isn't it, and yet how many of us think to use that method for organizing?

So cool to see my name in your studio :) I'm loving the gorgeous w-pieces I got from you. My heart smiles every time I see them

karla nathan

Its nice to see someone with an obsession (I mean Collection) of wallpaper as wonderful as mine! I can't get enough of the stuff, and storage is always an issue. You need to be able to find and recognize it when you need it.

I keep a few large pieces of each kind ironed and flat in a cabinet so I can flip through and find some. Of course, don't ask me how many hours I spent ironing the stuff....


Dang! That is a huge collection of wallpaper and now so nicely organized. xo, suzy


Wowza! That is one mighty great stash of wallpaper. You are smart to get it all organized...nothing worse than having a stash that you have to go thru roll after roll to find the desired one. (self-confession here) Thanks for sharing!


Yay!! A wallpaper roll is named after me!!! woo hoo! I just hope it's not the scrappy one shoved in the back of the closet.... :) LOVE the storage. I was LMAO at the description of your husband making it. Hmmmm who does that remind me of...oh I know MY husband. Seriously, they can't just do something simple...must be in their blood. He will take a desighn that I want and ttally change it around to make it "better" and then it resembles nothing of what I wanted in the first place....gotta love em though!

Alison Gibbs

Oh wow so much wallpaper!!

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

Wow, look at all of that. To think my favorite baby pink and blue flocked wallpapers are somewhere in there.....Just wonderful! Keep those great wallpaper packs coming!


Oh wow,i think i have some wallpaper rolls but you are a wallpaper store:))
I love vintage wallpapers and cover my boxes and journals and some other things with´re so lucky that you have so much rolls


your storage looks great! i too would love to see the "hoard 4- ever rolls" of course if you showed us then you'd have to share them :) i'm glad you enjoyed the 4th, keep in touch!


Wow, that really is a lot of wallpaper! I'm glad that your organizing efforts are showing great results.
Have you ever thought of cutting off a full width piece of the stock and sticking it inside the roll? That way you just pull it out for a quick glance and slide it back in when your done pulling the roll you need.
Might work....but then might not.
Anyway, good luck with the ongoing organizing.
Have a great week!


Oh my goodness. That stash is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!
(found you through Jenny's blog)

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