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July 01, 2008


make me a memory

Just had to let you know I'm in the middle of a studio redo myself. I've decided I need to quit obsessing about how it looks or I will never be finished. I have been able to "let go" of alot of things I know I'll never use to make room for more of your wallpaper packs!Funny how our taste change over time. Now if I could just find a storage solution for the dozens of punches I have stashed everywhere!


Thanks for sharing your cool studio projects. Those are really wonderful boxes :)

I've got the book too, and like you I marvel at how accessible book-printing has become. Love this one in particular


Won't you please come over and organize me???? :)


Donna, I love how the vase and Walmat boxes turned out. Great colors! What are those boxes made of..wood, paper mache...?


wow, all of this is amazing. Love the changes to the vase and the boxes are awesome. Wish I could get that much done.

PS: I cannot believe those shelves will not hold all of your wallpaper rolls....that is a lot of wallpaper.


I love all your projects. Thanks for sharing. You work is always so inspiring.
I also got the book with Pam. Yes, worth every penny ;)
Happy 4th!

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