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July 07, 2008



Cool idea!!! Can't wait to see how your album progresses too.


Wow, Donna...these are really unique! I'll be anxiously awaiting to see them in your shop tonight. I may just have to have one of your kits! Thanks for sharing!


How clever of you! This looks really Cool :)


This is such a creative idea for those things, and I wish I had seen it a month ago! One of my fav flea market dealers had gobs and gobs of those things one week and I couldn't sort out any use for them.


WOW -- I want one of these prescription things -- I was recently at an auction where they had boatloads of them still filled with prescriptions and when it came time to sell them the auctioneer thought he better not since they had personal info in them and I was heartbroken. Are they already gone and if so will you have more?
DJ (Donna)
Bay City General Store


WOW, those are way cool! and I love all of your paper bits. Looking forward to seeing more pages.

Cindy (JunqueArt)

Love these and love the kit you came up with! So glad I found your blog thanks to my friend Juanita who posted earlier!

make me a memory

My dad was a pharmacist many years ago and I remember shelves lined with these in his store. This was where he filed all of the written prescriptions after they were filled. Just think, with computers we won't ever have stuff like this again. Kinda makes me wonder why he had to keep them, he had them from years and years back. I can only guess that they were probably thrown in the trash when his store closed. Sigh.


Very, very cool kit Donna!
I have an old metal prescription file that I used to use in my studio. It has 3 (or 4) boxes on top and the same number on the bottom. Each box has a little door that lifts up, and the original labels are on each box as well. (They're all attached, so it's one larger piece) Does that make any sense? Anyway, not even sure why I'm telling you this other than your kit made me think of it. LOL :0)
I hope you have received your package and all was ok. :0)
xo, Cerri

Pearl Maple

Ohhhh I like that - it is different and totally cool. Can easily see how you can do so much with this one.

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