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July 26, 2008


Suzan Buckner

It's looking beautiful!! Love the colors! Just think how happy you will be when it's done!

Also, I don't know why people (read--MY HUSBAND)..looks to me for food either..LOL..he's a grown man--I want to scream--FEED YOURSELF..**sigh..I can go days without eating, and it never bothers me!



Hi Donna! The colors look fab! I'm getting ready (mentally) to do our "great" room and not really looking foward to the doing but definitely the enjoying. Love the new ribbon and the art piece you created is beautiful. Best of luck with the rest of your redecorating.


OK, first off...I TOTALLY understand about the food and everything else. So many evenings I get home from work and am ready to start having fun in my office, but puppers need to be walked and everyone is always asking about food. I could live on popcorn, so cooking and dinner is not that important to me. Oh well...
LOVE LOVE LOVE your new creation. Amazing and double-dog GORGEOUS. Can't wait for your new finds to go into Etsy. I MUST have some of the laundry ribbon. Been lookin for some for a while and eyeing some from another seller on Etsy, but haven't taken the plunge (cuz I am trying to be good). Can't wait to see what other pretties you have to share. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Oops..totally forgot. Jackson is JUST THE CUTEST!!! Looks like he is ready for trouble (he he he)...


Donna, your art piece is gorgeous!!


It will come together, slowly but surely. And just think of all the money you're saving!! Handy hubbies are the best. That is the sweetest little dog face. What kind of dog is he/she?


The color looks fantastic so far! Eating is a pain isn't it? When we remodeled we practically lived at the restaurant down the street.


I just found your blog and I loved reading it! I also have lots of the "avacado" paint color in my house! My kitchen has that super thick swirled old world spackle, painted that green. I also have it in the office, dining, and my art studio. You have fabulous goodies here...I'll be back! :)mendy


so fun, I'm redecorating vicariously through you. My house is in need of it too. I sooo know what you mean about trying to carry on 'life' while re-doing. It is a pain. Lookin' good though.


Donna, your collage is gorgeous...i love what you did with that huge cluster of stamens and the millinery, what a fabulous look!!! your wall colors look great:)


That's exactly what happens to me!!! Except it's everyday....not just when I'm remodeling. I hate that people need to eat when I'm in the middle of something......

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