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July 30, 2008



We don't sleep! Hehe.
Looks like you're up to some very fun projects.
Say HI to Heather and Holly!!! Can't wait to hear all about your fun time together. Take lots of pictures:)
Waving from Minnesota!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

this was the first thing I thought of when you first talked about them! I want one really bad! But I've got soooo many projects going on now!

Kimla Cotropia

Oh, you really made me laugh bc I have thought the very same thing about Miss T and Kari. Do they craft in their sleep or what?! Sadly, I've come to the conclusion that I just move at a slug's pace (sigh) on everything I do. Girl, I feel your pain on the remodeling. My hubs is obsessing over our windowsills...granite? travertine? wood? Aaauuuuughh! Have fun on your flea-ing with Holly and Heather. Can't wait to hear about it. xoxo kimla


Donna, what a great idea for storing your little doo dads from friends...mine are stuffed in a drawer, and you really can't enjoy them like that...i will have to try to come up with something more along the lines of it!!!


Love this idea for storing all the amazing things you have received. I too save all the beautiful things I have received and need a good way to display them, or at least make them easier to enjoy once they rotate through (I also have a wire thing that I use to store my most recent aquisitions. Looks like you have so many beautiful pieces, and glad you shared one of mine (SMILE). I think you are gonna have the best time with Heather. Hope you take lots of photos and will share all the fun adventures you will have. Too funny about the time thing...I feel the same way and wonder how some people do it. I think we run out of time because we have to get the vittles for the menfolk and childrens (he he he).


Love it! Was definitely thinking about doing something similar with one of these. I'm this close to buying one, but I'm having that same time issue and I know it will just sit there staring at me like a neglected puppy for weeks. (Kinda like that lunchbox ;))


That's the coolest idea I've seen for keeping ATCs in. Most are so commercial-looking, but yours is so funky and artistic!

jessi nagy

your so funny.
this is turning out fabulous.
thanks for adding my little ol tag in there.

Pearl Maple

Time - what creative person ever has enough? Cool idea for a storage solution, all kinds of fun things going on in your blog space. Thanks for sharing.

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Gorgeous! And we all need places to cherish our artwork after it's rotated off the ole inspiration board. You do great work.


Donna, That is beautiful! I love the idea of storing all your treasured cards & things in one place. And at some point you can only have so much on your board, great idea! I love your backdrop by the way :) Take care.


This is a wonderful way to show off your treasures from friends!
I am the backward one: what does "ATC: stand for. I have a sneeking suspicion that I have asked Karin(creative caos) this and she told me and I promptly forgot.:(
You are lucky to get together with Heather and Holly!
and you all are cute, you too, i saw your photo on your blog heading area!

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