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July 16, 2008



I love the color! I just finished painting my office a bright green. It's so refreshing.

Your kits are so fantastic! I can't wait to see the next one.


Too got those same colors in your blog now too!!! I think you are havin a 70's (or is it 60's) retro flashback. I can certainly remember when avocado was the big thing in kitchen appliances. We even used to have an avocado bathroom.
You and I are thinkin along the same lines regarding taking time to appreciate the little things...(check out my post yesterday about the orchids bloomin in my backyard).
I look forward to seeing your new kit. It sounds like a winner and I think it should go over fabulously!!


Yes, I was going to comment on your avocadoey blog too! I love all greens that lean more toward yellow than blue. So full of life.

I hope you'll show us your rooms when you're done. I'm sure they be very inspiring and unique :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn

I'll bring the nacho chips! :) Actually I love the color. If you get a chance, pop on by my blog and enter my giveaway.


Love the touches of embroidery on the page for your friends album! So pretty.
Excited to see your new kit. :0)


Ooh, sorry about the bead fatalities(that's what they're called in my house). Next time it happens, you can use your vaccum attachment with cheese cloth or pantyhose over then socket.
The journal is beautiful for your friend. I'm sure she'll love it. Looking forward to you new kit.


I love all the little finds from the kids! Hope all is well!

Susan Shintaku

Love the color you is a favorite of mine :-)

I nominated you for an award come check out the details over on my blog :-)



Ooh, I bet that's MY journal! I hope so. I am with you on the avocado-y love as those avocado, lime, chartreuse colors are my favs. I can't wait to see it in real life!!


I forgot to say, that I think its very cool that the boys bring you home little treasures. They have good taste.


Take a picture if you get orange shag carpeting! I bet it looks nice and fresh on the walls. Love the found items--isn't it nice when kids 'get it'


I just found your blog this weekend, and I love it! It's fresh and different. Just like that avocado paint--I like it too. I've nominated you for a blog award over on my site. Have a great week!


I love what you have been up to around here! Kudos! Everything looks great! And the kits look like fun!


karla nathan

I painted my breezeway a similar color and called it asparagus. I've had it that way over a year now and love it!

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