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July 10, 2008


Cindy (JunqueArt)

Thanks so much for the kit tip! Can't wait to get mine! Love that purse, such great colors and that tag is CUTE!


yum. I like the tag just the way it is! I think all colors go together and most patterns...The purse would be adorable even without the black! I think that book in the box you have is sooo awesome too.


The kit looks more petite with your hand there. I can't ever visualize the size of something even with the dimensions given to me.
Oh, and I see red bingo cards. :0)
~Cerri xo


I love the colors, makes me happy~


Love the adorable tag and the bad is AWESOME!!! Great colors and so cool!!! p.s. Love the new look of the blog too. The colors are so warm and inviting and the banner works so perfectly. I need to work on mine a bit more.


Ooops....I think I should reread my post before save it. I meant "BAG" not "BAD" duhhhh. I think I need more coffee.


Love the purse! LOVE the tag!



I think the black "marries" the colors together. My mother had a rug with a very similar color scheme, and it was always a favorite.


that tag is darling! love it :) i'm a huge black fan, my husband says i have way too much of it in my wardrobe! hope all is well with you!


i am totally diggin' that purse!!

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