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June 11, 2008



Oh, that's awesome! There's nothing like being validated by someone you highly admire!


Hi Donna,
I know I am not good at English (so sorry if my comment has many strange phrase,) but yes, exactly I know well what you are talking about. I rushed into your shop after I fall in love with your cute paper and box on Pam's post. And, while I was enjoying to read your blog archives, mini-packs or the wonderful kit went sold out! Sadly, I sent convo...and you made me happy again. Thank you for your kindest reply, and thank you for selling and sharing lovely papers.
I need to say, I was interested very much also in the stuffs of the sold-out lunchbox-kit, or in the collage-set on your old article. I am glad if you could ship those internationally too. (I do not suppose to mean I need your reply right now. I know well you are very busy now! I would like to consult with you at my next shopping chance. surely I will shop again!) I would be happy to wait my order arrival. Please cut new papers and pack them with your smile, imagining your lovely papers traveling around all over the world :)


Girlfriend, I saw that PG post and knew you would be EXTATIC!!! (and yes 3, if not more, exclaimations are necessary here). LOVE LOVE LOVE the cool box, and you were so IN THE ZONE with creating it (I can tell). I think something like that could be a bit hit on Etsy, although I am sure they take quite a bit of time to create. The Easter grass inside is pure genius, I say! Miss PG sure scored big on that Etsy purchase. Anyhoo, as far as bein IN THE ZONE, that is what I think is most fun. No obligations, just having fun and makin till your heart is content. Gotta remember to do more of that! Looking forward to seeing your redecorating. I need to do some in my home, but I keep putting it off. I really wish I could afford to just hire someone to do it all and make it look pretty, but alas that is not my life. Toodles for now...


Hi Donna,

oh I absolutely understand your excitement!! The box you created for Pam is super gorgeous (not even talking about all the treasures inside, lucky Pam!) and so is your lunchbox in the post below! You are so talented!

Well I tried to order two of your mini wallpaper packs one flocked and one not from your etsy shop the other day and also the millinery flowers and leaves but etsy didn't let me buy it saying that you would not send to Germany and that I should remove the items from the cart. I was going to contact you about it but then I was distracted and forgot about it later on. I'd still like to purchase these items if you would send them to me, so maybe you could let me know?

Best wishes from Germany sends you
Carol xox


I saw your things on Pam's blog and thought that they were just lovely. Just as lovely as your kind, generous, spirit. The box you made for her was so pretty.



Oh my goodness! that box you made Pam is gorgeous! What a sweet gesture. It was so "her". Glad to have found you Donna!
xo natalea


Ummmm, I TOTALLY agree with you! I LOVE Pam and she is one of my favorites. She left a comment on my blog once and it made me smile the entire day. So, I can only imagine if she purchased something from me and THEN poisted it on her blog. You are a lucky girl!


Tina Wright

Very cool..yous a ceelebratee~


I don't know which I am more envious over--the call from Oprah to see your junk (maybe I'll trash my house) or Pam's order. I have drooled over her stuff for years. Your box was wonderful--different for you, honest, open, and airy, if that makes sense. You will LOVE your floors because they are so easy to clean. We got new floors last year (same reason, carpet was disgusting). The hardwoods in the main part of the house are elegant but I have a heart attack if someone drops something or a drop of water gets on them. We put laminate (that matches the hardwood) in the kitchen, powder room, and morning room and I love it. It's pretty and you can throw a whole pot of coffee on the floor and not see it, until you step in it.

Natasha Burns

I love what you made for Pam, it's awesome! Why wouldn't she love everything you do and your goodness???!!! Don't sell yourself short girly!!!
What I am floored about is that the Oprah show contacted you? And you didn't follow it up? You're so hilarious!
I agree with Candice, wooden floors are easy and clean, you see the mess straight away or dust or dog hair but it is good because you keep it clean and it doesn't harbour germs so easily!


Oh my gosh! I ADORE your blog, I just now discovered it via Pam Garrison's blog. You rock!

Mt. Angel, OR

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