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June 28, 2008


cathy nash

Hi Donna!
I really like your new banner and look!
I'm in the change-up mode too--but I'm so techno-challenged so it's going to take a while for me to figure it all out. I've also thought of adding a pic of myself to my you think anyone would believe I look just like Cindy Crawford?


Hey girlfriend. I like the smoochie pic. Good call Natasha. Your green blog makes me happy because i LOVE GREEN. Have a great day sweetie.

Sue McG

LOL Donna, that's a SERIOUS photo! Love the smoochie and the new banner - fun!


ohmygosh!!!!!lol!!! I so wanted you to do that! go Donna. go Donna!! :) Lia

Beth Leintz

Donna- I'm so glad to SEE you. I don't know if I've ever thought about what your face looked like- but I know you must be part Edward Scissorhands with the amazing way you cut (and sew) wallpaper!

I'm still loving my blog banner- I digitally doctored it a bit to make it stretch- thanks again!

Natasha Burns

YEAH!!!!! I'm so glad you switched it!!! Love that fun happy pic of you, YOUTHFUL you, hee hee!! I too love green so I'm loving it here too! xo


Lovin' the new digs my friend! The green looks great!
And lookie at you, you cute thing!
Just one question though, did you make sure to wear a green shirt when you took your new photo to match, or did the green shirt come first? LOL
xo, Cerri


I could use the custom color tutorial.......


I know, Heather rocks! I like it when she does her magic on my blog. LOL. And I LOVE the smoochie pic. Great for thinning out the cheeks, LOL, not that YOU need it. You look lovely either way. And I'm not just buttering you up for a favor. LOL.


Jennifer Paganellli

WOW you are blond and beautiful!! I pictured you with long dark hair!!! It looks great here..I'm admiring your stash..I love Your studio!! You rock..Jennifer

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