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June 02, 2008



I saw your new listings and they are terrific. Love the pretty velvety trim. I have such a thing for velvet these days. I love how you embellished your tin and any hints you could give me on this...type of adhesive you are using (I am guessing gel medium cuz I know how you like that stuff), gesso prior to attaching trim, and how the heck do you get the papers around the buckle so perfectly...would be greatly appreciated. I think you should not drop your bingo card idea either...I think that is cool and you could most certainly put a spin on it like no one else! (had to use that exclaimation point here for sure). I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am feeling very much on the edge these days with my job and although things are most certainly not in my control, I sure wish I had more of an idea what lies in my future. Faith and prayers are I think the best solution at this time.


I used to love sniffing rubber cement...maybe that's what's wrong with me?


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Alison Gibbs

Have fun gluing. Love what you have done with your boxes.
Great to hear that the treatment you are having is helping your back

michelle cummings

good luck in your shop and take care of your back! I've had back pain before and you don't realize how much it effects your over all being until it goes out!


your goodies look fabulous Donna, what a great destash!!! love it!!!


Were these tins blue to begin with or did you paint them before collaging them. I've only seen white ones around here.

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