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  • In all object making, that aspect which relates to it's conceptual interpretation is art, that which relates the object to an intended purpose is design, and the quality of it's execution is craft. ~Hella Basu

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June 04, 2008



This turned out so beautifully. Now aren't you glad I didn't let you throw them away?? Great idea to order cards from Peach.. great work... swoon.


that looks wonderful!!! AND you have given me inspiration for something i need to paper and was wondering how i was going to work around latches and such...i am going to rip and tear now instead of my usual anal, straight line precision cutting!!!


Total Perfection!! Not that I would expect anything less, mind you. Thanks for all the info, and I would love to see a video if you ever get around to it. In the meantime, an email would be great too. cute cards too!!!

karla nathan

Cutting around the handles is HARD! Yours is beautifully done, and great papers!!

Lindsey and Twyla

Your work is always beautiful, but this card tin is gorgeous! Love your blog! Twyla

Tina Wright

That tin is toooo cute to use~ Awesome gal!


Donna, the collage tin greeting card box turned out great! What a wonderful idea...I may have to "steal" the idea from you to store my cards. I love Ellen's sweet One Ripe Peach cards too and use them all the time.


A craft knife is your best friend. Fiskars is making a $3.00 finger knife that is magical. I've done a ton of Basic Grey boxes w/ great results even using heavy weight scrapbooking paper. And YOURS is beyond gorgeous Donna! BEYOND! These tins are also good for a recipe box. I've done a few newborn tins w/ dividers for the first 12 months marking off all the months so all the new Mom has to do is add pictures! I love blogdom. And vintage wallpaper! And talented Donna under her gorgeous red roof. Have a super night!


Have not checked on you in awhile. And well, you are fabulous as always! Sheesh. Everything is awesome. Love that little box. So cute. I'm so loving my wall paper pack. I have gotten it open, but no heart to cut any yet. LOL. But that little box might just inspire me too!


Love the tin, really cute!


Absolutely it very much. Love your blog!

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