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June 15, 2008



I get frustrated with eBay too, but after all these years of being a full time seller, I've learned they still remain the only real game in town. At least for me. I have a web site. I have things listed on etsy, ecrater and online auction. They don't sell.

eBay has gone from one extreme to the other. It used to be a seller's market, now it's a buyer's market. It isn't any different than a retail store deciding they will stay open until midnight, when they used to close at 9:00. They aren't concerned with the problems this causes for their employees. All they see is the customer being given a longer time to shop.

I read somewhere that eBay is trying to model itself after Amazon. They are certainly doing their best to make it tough for small sellers. Yet they changed their powerseller requirements too. It used to be you were evaluated on the dollar amount of your sales only. Now it's an either/or proposition. To qualify for the lowest level powerseller tier you have to sell $1000 a month OR 100 items a month. This means that people selling a lot of low dollar items can qualify.

I agree with you about giving a neutral the same weight as a negative, retroactively. I had 100% positive FB score before they did the recalculation. They are going back 12 months in feedback to come up with their percentages.

I believe eBay when it says sellers were nine times more likely to post retaliatory negative FB than buyers were. I've seen it happen over and over again with sellers who are friends. There are a whole lotta sellers with a "how dare you criticize me" mentality. Some are scary, psycho mean.

What kind of feedback you receive has a lot to do with what you are selling. People who sell video games are going to get more flakes and losers than someone selling quality vintage items. Feedback is like karma. Personally I never see the bad ones coming, and they usually are for stupid things - like we forgot to send the screws with the knobs.

My frustration is with the ever increasing fees. I'd love to sell more at other venues, but it doesn't seem to happen.

And that's my eBay rant :).




Hi Donna!
This comment is in regard to your previous post about paper dresses. Want to see FABULOUS dresses made out of paper? Go here:
Click on 'view pictures' for the Fortuny exhibit in Venice. Then click on each photo to look at each of these life size paper dresses by Isabelle de Borchgrave. They will knock your socks off!


i have an issue with how pricey the coccoina glue sticks are... i go through a ton of glue and would rather spend my dollars on trims and papers and such...i never really liked golden gel medium, i seem to get it everywhere and never had a successful result using it, that is probably just new paper is very gorgeous and i love your findings bits and bobs!!!


It's great to hear there is a glue stick out there that is trustworthy! I use the Golden products, usually. I'll check the sites you mentioned to see about buying them, and I'll check out your Etsy site, too, when I get back from my vacation. Thanks for the info. I just came across your site today. It's lovely and full of great ideas. Thanks!


Hi and nice Blog.

FYI: If you sell on both Etsy (or other Alternatives) and eBay this new Realistic free online calculator can help you quickly see the differences between the Fees and the Profit you will make...

Note: This Realistic calculator takes into consideration Sell Through Rate (this is if you sell a decent amount of items, you almost always have some non first time sellers that you have to Relist a few time(s) before they sell. This relisting does Realistically cost you more in Listing Fees and the calculator accounts for this.

If questions, click on the Calculator's Discussion Link. If you like it, spread the word. :)

Michelle Infantino

Yep, I've always been cautious of the glue stick. I have been using UHU. Any thoughts on that one? Had any trouble?

Pretty pretty red. I've love for Oprah to come and trifle through your things just so I could see them. lol.


Thanks for the tip on that glue stick. I have been so disappointed in so many different types of glue and adhesives. I must try that. Karen

Joy For the Journey

Donna, I just found your blog (somehow!) and I love it! Thanks for sharing - I'll be back to visit soon!
Sarah :)


Donna.......I took 3 Carol Wingert classes weekend before last and the topic of glue came up. She uses Uhu for paper but only uses Crafter's Pick The Ultimate for everything from metal to flowers......she said she learned about it several years ago from Tim Holtz who only uses it and nothing else! I like PVA for paper and now. The E6000 just plain stinks but the Crafter's doesn't and I think it's just as strong! Andrea keeps me in supply with the "almond stick" but it's pretty gooey on things like crepe paper. We were playing at her house one day and agreed that Martha's works best for crepe paper!


Hey Donna! I only have problems with my photos getting cut off on the right side if I use the "actual size" option. If I choose "large" I get the whole photo.
Thanks for linking me for the glue!
~Cerri xo


PS, I wanted to say too, that The Ultimate glue is hands down my favorite glue for glueing things where I would normally want to reach for the glue gun, or for embellishments and such. I love it. It's sturdy and strong, holds amazingly. It is too thick to use for most paper on paper projects though, and the newer caps are awful. You can't squeeze that thick of a glue through that little tiny hole!
But for most paper projects, I honestly think the Coccoina glues are fabulous! (and I'm not just saying that because I sell them) I have never liked glue sticks before..they just didn't hold well. But the Coccoina glue sticks hold wonderfully. And I love their paste and liquid in the large tube. The jumbo glue stick is a good value too, as it really is huge!
~Cerri xo

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