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June 20, 2008



Thank you Donna! Love those cookies bags, how cute! My son would love those! And you should definitely put your info on the back, why not?


Loved Susan's her bookmarked. And the notebook is fab too. AND you bake cookies and then make a fabulous package to put them in...gah. I can barely back cookies. LOL. You always impress my friend. Always.



your cookie packs look sooooo cute Donna!!! love Luke's journal, it looks very masculine...i have trouble doing manly things d/t my love of pink glittery things...BTW...HUGE thanks on the little glitter packs you had sent with my wallpapers, i have been using the dickens out of them!!! i visited your friend and hearted her shops, thanks for sharing!!!


Love the labels for the sugar cookies. I would have totally put your info on the back...I am always getting the comment "I didn't know you did that". I think a little self-promotion is a very good thing!


WOW. You are such a wonder. Packaged cookies?! They are awesome.
Keep it up!

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