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May 23, 2008



What I wouldn't give to see you squinting...filming...balancing...all giddy and school girl excited about your flip video debut.

Just wondering about that insert link thing...try googling it. I'm sure you are not the only one in the world with grey insert grief.


You should still be able to link with just the name. I just did it last night....and believe me (and I know you will) if I can do it so can you...... how are you setting up the link?


Well the links are coming through alright so not sure what the deal is with typepad.
Fun new wallpaper packs.

Beth Leintz

The Typepad link thing threw me, too. I was about to file a help ticket when I found the NEW instructions for links. Type what you want your text to be, and highlight it- then your link button with "light" up.

Off to see your wallpaper packs!


Hi Donna! Can't wait to see what you do with your Flip. I read another blog this morning and that person had gotten one too. Maybe I'll use my tiny little chunk of this supposed stimulus check to get one. Thx for the head's up on the hard drive space...have an old computer also.
And, btw, I still haven't made myself use any of those vintage flocked papers either! :) But I did give you a big shout out on my bog post this afternoon.


Love the wallpaper packs. The whole flip thing scares me. It takes me awhile to get with new technology:))


I just have to tell you that I absoutely love the wallpaper pack I ordered. I never expected all of the extra goodies and the packaging was beautiful!!! Even had my name on it! Wow!
The flip looks like fun but I'll have to get alot more techie to ever use one. I just switched over to an ebay store and it's taken me forever! Never did get around to learning how to do a blog either but sure want to.


that link thing stinks! i hope someone else who is on typepad will be able to help you...the new wallpaper packs are gorgeous!!!

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