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May 28, 2008



Just in time for SUMMER!


Donna, your spring collage is lovely...this will be my first year without 15 year old decided not to play this year...his dad and i are so's like the end of an era over 11 year old never liked baseball and refers to it as "stupid"...well, congrats to your sounds like his team played really well in spite of the bad umpire job:)

robin~thrifty miss priss

Oh boy do I remember those days...the parents would get so huffy and loose sleep (me) and the kids are just happy to play....we followed our son around for three different sports age 6 to 18 and when it was over it was the way, love that collage!


Sound like fun! Well except for the part where your husband got thrown where does he go? Does he have to sit in the car or something? Too funny.... Well, you will be happy to know that I no longer can use my link button. I have NO idea what happened. All I know is I went to do spell check....the next thing I know, I can't get out of spell check and all my buttons won't work.....aaarrrggggg...glad you figured it out though. Maybe you can help me now!! :)


ooohh.....and I love the new collage!

Sue McG

LOL, I'm picturing Bull Durham :)

Sue McG

LOL, I'm picturing Bull Durham :)

Alison Gibbs

Loving the Spring collage
How lucky is Jackson to have the older boys around to have taught him how to play.

Carol/Sassafras & LuLu

love your spring collage. I bet the crystals are so pretty! Sounds interesting w/the boys...DH included, LOL. My DH is my only boy, we cannot count the turtle as we have no way of knowing is its a boy, but I do call him "turtle boy" if that counts? We got pink all over poor DH.
hugs, Carol (keep up the great organizing girl)

Tina Wright

Brings back memories..softball then baseball in our house..coaching and umpiring,yelling,cheering...oh boy..glad it's you!heheheee

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