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May 21, 2008


Jessica Canham

Hey, good to see you, Donna! I got an email from Typepad informing us that it was going to have some new features. Maybe they're just working out the bugs. I hope it will be easier to line up text and photos.


Well where are the pix of your pages in my book? Are you keeping them secret? I of course will help you with your blog when you are ready.
miss you


YEAH! Glad to see a new post. It looks really good. I saw an email regarding changes, but haven't made a most yet. Maybe tonight. Hope I can navigate thru all the differences without too much trouble. I am looking foward to seeing your flip video. I keep thinkin I need to get one of those things because I want an easy way to load videos, and my current situation seems too complicated for me (and I am finding I don't have the time and patience to figure it out).


I can't seem to master Blogger! I dont' know what I would do if I had to go with Typepad. It's kind of like using Publisher and PageMaker, the real and the...not. Google reader has kept me from being so keyed up about the long posts, now I can just read them when they come my way and not think about it. Kind of nice kwim? Not that you read my blog.

karin (creativechaos)

Oh boy...I'm in trouble. You are the 4th person today that is complaining about posting on typepad with the new changes....I'm posting tomorrow....if you don't ever hear from me again it means typepad killed me.....

Carol/Sassafras & LuLu

Hi Donna...ya scared me...well I was absent for a while is like that. LOVE that artwork of Natasha's on that sheet music. I am sure you have just been tryin to get things done which requires some little times away. Good luck w/typepad stuff, I am so not a techi, I still gotta learn how to do a header some day!
hugs, Carol


Oh name in lights, er well, in writing anyway. So happy you like your little birdhouse! It was my favorite of the ones I made. I have some new birdhouses that need to be decorated....hmmm, wonder if I'll get around to them before the birds fly south for the winter? That little box of Jenny's is that a portrait of you on the lid?
Hope you figure out Typepad...I was always under the impression that it was less of a hassle than Blogger. I wonder where I ever got that idea! Good luck! :)

Natasha Burns

Hiya Donna! glad you like your goodies, I'll send you more of that red contact paper as soon as I can. Love the goodies you've been buying, just so sweet!
I hear typepad is a nightmare to work out, I'm happily plodding along with blogger thanks to Heather doing a beautiful layout for me! Glad people know how to do it because if i was left to my own devices my blog would look scary!

jenny holiday

Hello hello!! I am playing MAJOR catch up in blogland today...well I have about an hour...and I am checking in with my favorite gals. We are in the process of moving. It truly came outta nooowhere. We have been in our current apt. for 12 years!! It will be a miracle if we can pull this all off by the end of the month.

As always your blog is just oozing with fabulousness!! Your papers...creations...doodles...bits, all make my heart sing! I am dying to order some of your papers...but I think it may have to wait till I am in the new place. I hope you will have some left.

Ohh...and thank you so so much for purchasing one of my itty bitty boxes. So so happy she is living under your red roof!! :)

Happy Summer!!

xoxo Jenny

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