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May 25, 2008



Nice thingy, now that you have prettied it up! Rachael


LOVE what you did with your office depot thingie!!! it looks gorgeous now:)
i have heard lots of negative things about ebay lately...that's too bad because it really is a wonderland where you can find anything your heart desires...
i DO love Karin:)

Beth Leintz

I'm with you on ebay- sellers have no recourse and buyers can do just about anything they want- buy dozens of items from one seller, don't pay for them, leave negative feedback on all and ruin the sellers rating.

They've also changed how the feedback percentage is calculated- a neutral has the same weight as a negative.

Thanks for letting ME vent about ebay- I'm in the same situation- in my house, no one else really understands!


Love your new wallpaper organizey thing. Its very pretty and I hope to hear it works out well for the wallpaper scraps. I think I have one of those around here so I might try it out too.

I have to agree that eBay seems to have gotten it twisted. Why can't they just force sellers to leave feedback BEFORE a buyer can leave feedback and cut out the opportunity for seller retaliation? So lame. Ugh, now you did it.. I am all pissy. lol

Natasha Burns

Lovely pretty organising there Donna!!! Oh hey guess what Ebay are doing in Australia? The thought going round is that they are testing the waters with Aussie ebay and will follow suit with all otherh ebays so prepare for this - as well as the no negative feedback for buyers (it's ridiculous!!! so they can slander a seller but there's no way to warn off a seller of a bad buyer?)... ebay here are putting in place that you can ONLY pay with paypal. yes, no cheque, no bank deposit, no money order, no cash at pick-up. ONLY paypal. I swear, it is turning people away in drovees. It comes into force in June. I bought something the other day on ebay and the paypal buttons were all over the place, it was nearly impossible to find the way to pay by bank deposit. it will hurt people badly as lots of people just sell to get rid of stuff around their house, they don't need to accept paypal payments or the extra fees.... grrr! sorry for my rant! oh and hey if any Aussie sellers are reading this, you can go to oztion[dot]com[au] for heaps better terms and lower fees


Nice deal you made for your leftover duke, Mil. I'm sure this whole feedback thing has completely consumed you. It seems logical taht ebay could devise a system by which one evaluates their experience and then based on this scale a feedback is established. Hzving thsi system would help a newbie through the process of feedback.

Of course you don't have to shop there, you know.


What a BEAUTIFUL and TERRIFIC idea for storing those beloved wallpaper scraps. Leave it to you to find just the perfect thing and give it that Donna twist to make it really ROCK!!! Hope you had a great holiday.


Hi Donna! Hope your ballgame flip video comes out the way you want & totally get that you might not want to put it out there publicly.

I love the way you decorated your notebook! Acutally I just did a notebook for a 6 yr old's (girl) b-day present complete with glitter and fibers and beads and ribbons. Out of pocket cost was under $2 but everyone at the party wanted one. Was tempted to use that growing stack of vintage flocked wallpaper (LOL!) but figured it'd be wasted on a 6 yr old. I put a photo of it up on my blog.

Thanks so much for the link back to my blog! My stalking of you and Karin is working and pretty soon I'll be one of the glitter girls.....(one can dream)

Hope you have a great, happy & safe weekend.

pamela Garrison

super cute donna- i may have to copy know i share the same wallpaper issues!! thank you for my treasures, especially the box with my paper :)

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