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April 30, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Oh what a cute Spring Sign
Great journal page


Love the sign and Astrid is perfectly represented. How amazing is the brain to catalog and call up all of the duke we cram in there. Amazing. I'm with you on the wind thing, not a big wind fan. Especially in spring as the pollen and other flying debris get in my eyes and drive me crazy. Where you live, if you were out sunning in the wind you would be sandblasted--exfoliation.


Hi Donna ~

Glad to hear you are getting closer to listing the wallpaper scrap packs ~ I check in daily.



OMG it was SO windy here today. I was going crazy and it was cold.. brrr. My ears still hurt.
Those beads up there are GORGEOUS. I want earrings and a bracelet please :)
Love the sign.. and Astrid, but you already knew that.
Get that form in the mail. Today is the BIG day!!


Love your banner and the cool collage. Can't wait to see the banner with the beaded know it will be amazing! Those glasses are way are you wearing them yourself too?? Gotta love vintage glasses!!! Meant to tell ya, I thought of you when I was looking at the teesha moore blog yesterday and popped over to her site to read about her journaling classes at Port Townsend. Sounds right up your alley!!

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

Drats, I missed the minipacks of wallpaper! I know what you mean about wind. I'm on the ND prairie. Today, it is REALLY windy.


You aren't lying about the Oklahoma wind! I have always thought the same thing about not getting tan on windy days! Love your Spring sign. Hope you are doing great!
Jen M.


eye candy!!! TO THE MAX!!!! Everything is simply gorgeous....I love Astrid....I will be getting that book soon!!

The Paper Peddler

Hello, I just wanted to comment about your blog. I just discovered it and love it! I love your journaling; you are so creative!! I am going to add your link to my Blog if you don't mind so I can check back with you often! Thanks for the inspiration! Liz

Flea Market Queen

Love the glasses...

michelle cummings

really love the wall paper packs and those beads! How do you deal with all the dust during wind storms? does it get everywhere?

P.s. I tagged you on my blog!


okay i do think that just might be Astrid :-) it's wonderful miss
and i love just the look of the wallpacks... love your label :-)


Love the crystals and the sign. All so cute!


Natasha Burns

I love all your wonderful Spring colours too, there's nothing like Swarovski crystals is there ox

Lisa Renea

Donna! Wanted to pop over and say congrats for completing 4 security code checks! LOL :) I detest the *d* things-but the virus thrill seekers nearly got me. Love the spring banner & your Astrid Art. You do blue so well! Now make some time to create! Truly Rhonna Farrer's 21 day challenge helped me so much. Forcing myself to create 21 days in a row was nearly torture to me, now I make something everyday, even if it just an atc. Go forth & make art, my friend! Your spirit will thank you for it! (forgive the bad grammer and mispellings) As much as I LOVE your blog, I have a fear of posting--as I know your the grammer police! LOLRITF

Sue McG

These pretty spring colors are so inspiring Donna, love Astrid :)

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